Food machinery and equipment gradually become the mainstream of food industry


At present, China's manufacturing industry is facing a "two-way squeeze" from developed countries to accelerate the revitalization of manufacturing industry and developing countries to undertake international industrial transfer at lower production costs. China must speed up the research and development of intelligent manufacturing technology, improve its industrialization level, in order to meet the challenge of weakening the traditional low-cost advantage. Although China's intelligent manufacturing technology has made great progress, its industrialization level is still low, high-end intelligent manufacturing equipment and core parts are still heavily dependent on imports, and the development of intelligent manufacturing industry is also an objective need to accelerate the industrialization of China's intelligent manufacturing technology. In addition, the development of intelligent manufacturing industry can apply more energy-saving and environmental protection advanced equipment and intelligent optimization technology, which is helpful to fundamentally solve the problem of energy conservation and emission reduction in China's manufacturing process.

Secondly, with the advent of the information explosion era, more and more information is available now, but why do we feel more confused and ignorant? This is a problem of information retrieval and knowledge discovery. The profound meaning behind it is that information is the foundation and intelligence is the advanced stage of information development.

Food machinery industry should unswervingly follow the intelligent development path

Looking at the global market, increasing technological innovation and promoting the transformation of manufacturing industry to intelligent production and personalized customization have become the mainstream direction of the development of manufacturing industry. Under such a background, coupled with the needs of China's economic transformation, the development of domestic manufacturing industry to intelligent is emerging. The development of China's food machinery must rely on the transformation and upgrading and take the intelligent development road.

When judging whether a country's machinery industry is strong or not, people are more concerned about several aspects of performance. For example, whether we have mastered the core technology of the main intellectual property rights, whether we have strong technical capabilities of major equipment, whether we have a high share of high-end equipment, and whether the quality of the mainstream technical equipment is in the leading position in the world. So it seems that there are still serious development problems in the food machinery industry.

In recent years, China's food machinery industry relies on the continuous expansion and rapid development of the food industry, becoming one of the most potential areas of the machinery industry. However, in the face of strong competitive pressure from abroad, the development of food machinery in China is obviously insufficient. In the face of the industry dilemma of low automation and intelligence, if we still stay at the current development level, do not think of innovation and research and development, still use the current development scale and development mode, then the living space and development space of this kind of food machinery industry will be smaller and smaller.

Foreign food machinery industry relies on scientific and technological innovation, with digitalization and intelligence as the key, seizes the commanding point of international competition, improves the key competitiveness of economic development, and seeks the initiative of future development. However, the overall level of science and technology in China's food machinery industry is not high, low-end and medium-sized enterprises gather together, and the industry's overcapacity is severe, which is in sharp contrast with foreign countries.

The intelligent degree of the food machinery industry represents the breadth and depth of its application. The current food machinery industry is still in a low level of primary intelligent stage. The continuous development of the domestic food industry shows a high demand for intelligence, which means that we have the necessity and ability to develop advanced intelligent food processing under the specific application needs Technology.

All in all, intelligent manufacturing is developing well in the food machinery industry, which also brings enlightenment to the food machinery industry: intelligent manufacturing has become an important direction of the current transformation of China's food machinery manufacturing industry. In order to remain invincible in the competition, enterprises must use advanced technology to improve their own strength.

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