Standardization of baked food production, future development of baking equipment is bullish


The production of bakery food industry tends to be specialized and standardized

With the continuous introduction and implementation of national industry standards, many companies have developed a series of standards on raw materials, processing, production processes, products, testing, etc. on the basis of industry standards to ensure the high quality of products. In order to further ensure the quality of the products, many baking companies began to communicate with professional food and technology institutions, universities and related industries during the development of new products and the restoration of traditional products. In the basic raw materials, food additives, production processes Strengthening professional cooperation in packaging materials, packaging machinery, food machinery, etc., providing strong support for product innovation, product quality and product improvement, process improvement, etc., making the production of the baked food industry more professional. Standardize the road.

The future development of baking equipment is bullish

In the future, the baking industry will continue to show a growing trend, with an expected annual growth rate of 11.6%. By 2016, revenue will reach US$12.91 billion. This growth can be attributed to an increase in demand for bread and other baked goods as household disposable income increases. However, as the market matures, its growth rate will show a slow growth trend. Intense competition will lead to a decline in product prices, which is expected to grow by only 8.4% in 2016.

Faced with such a situation, although the baking industry is about to usher in the future, there is still a big gap compared with foreign companies. To this end, the large-scale enterprises must take the lead in the direction of this high-end products, and strive to increase the level and competitiveness of the domestic baking machinery industry by baking machinery products that are currently purchased from abroad by one-third of the country.

Develop for different groups to narrow the gap

With the increasing demand for baked goods, the domestic baking machinery market has been greatly developed, the upside has been extended, and the number of baking machinery companies is constantly growing, although the overall level of the baking machinery industry this year has Larger improvement, but there is still a big gap compared with foreign companies. If you want to expand the baking machinery industry, China Food Machinery Equipment Network believes that many mechanical enterprises should follow different routes for different groups, and differentiated development can narrow gap.

To shorten the gap, we must ensure the safety of food. As a food machinery manufacturer, it is necessary not only to grasp the quality, but also to correctly guide the users of the equipment. How to properly operate the machinery, how to effectively avoid the unsafe factors, and more than one inspection per link, each person has one more responsibility.