Equally important to customer* quality and service

* As far as possible to understand and meet the customer's concerns, from the customer's new product development, stable quality, thoughtful service and preferential business terms, create value for customers.

For suppliers * don't buy the cheapest, but buy the most suitable

* Good business terms with credit as the core to ensure the enthusiasm of suppliers.

* Stable cooperation, achieve a win-win situation, and create an external environment for the stability of product quality.

Continuously improve employee satisfaction by focusing on employees* as much as possible

* Respect the individuality, respect the personal sense of accomplishment, cooperate with the company's vision, and do a good job in the employee's personal career planning.

* Practice humanized management, the company has always achieved voluntary attendance including workers.

* Sharing mechanism, constantly improving the mechanism, all employees share honors, share benefits, and share a sense of accomplishment.

* Provide thoughtful labor protection for production workers.

Advocating friendly environmental policy for the environment*

* Require all suppliers to provide good labor protection for their employees.

* Require all suppliers to behave in accordance with environmental policies.

* Manufacturing products to reduce environmental stress