Logistics becomes cold chain logistics


Logistics becomes cold chain logistics

Since tens of thousands of women have become the women behind jack ma, online shopping has become a Chinese speed that is enough to shock the world. Taking 16 years of sales as an example, 15 hours and 19 minutes surpassed 15 years of singles' day sales. Just nine years, people never trust online shopping to inseparable. With the rise of online shopping, fresh e-commerce is gradually taking shape. After fresh food is introduced into the online shopping system, people can say that they have thoroughly experienced the convenience of online shopping. However, the road of fresh e-commerce is not smooth. Some industry insiders believe that cold chain logistics restricts the development of fresh e-commerce.

In order to solve this problem, various enterprises have come up with extraordinary measures. According to the hairy crab transportation during the Mid-Autumn festival this year, because no enterprise has formed a nationwide cold chain logistics coverage, some enterprises have carried out cold chain logistics cooperation. Tmall's cold chain distribution platform anxianda and EMS reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides in the bank of yangcheng lake jointly built hairy crab origin warehouse. Anxianda is equipped with a cold chain car and "hairy crab special plane" for logistics transportation, and EMS will take over those cities that fail to reach. In previous years, jingdong, which monopolized 80 percent of the hairy crab transport, arranged "cooperative warehouses" of production areas, adding 20 air routes and a large number of cold chain transport vehicles to carry out cold chain transport radiation to nearly 30 provinces and municipalities across the country.

After seeing the huge market of cold chain logistics, local governments began to help establish the cold chain logistics system. Guizhou province issued "several policies and measures to reduce the cost of green agricultural products cold chain in guizhou", from the cold chain line carrier through cost reduction, part of the cold-chain equipment sharing, increase the cold chain and refrigeration technology research and development and achievements transformation is eight aspects several measures such as suggestion, strive to reach 19 years in cold storage capacity of 1400 sets of 1.6 million tons, refrigerator car left the right goals. Jiangsu, Qingdao and other places hold promotion meetings to guide the construction of cold chain logistics.

The last kilometer to reach the hands of consumers is very critical, and this section may have more problems than others. The end distribution usually USES electric tricycles, and there may be "de-chain" due to insufficient configuration of cold chain equipment. It is also possible that the community does not allow express delivery into; Or in most cases, consumers can't sign for it in person... Therefore, no mobile refrigerator or ice body materials were developed by founding group. Sf requires the use of designated packaging insulation materials in cherry distribution; There are products such as cold chain distribution electric cars on the market to ensure the last kilometer of delivery.

In again and again and solve the problem, cold-chain logistics spread rapidly in our country, the fruit when shopping to fresh fruit, small lobster, crab and other aquatic harvest time table can quickly sent to all parts of the country, people are beginning to get used to from the Internet to buy fresh products, cold chain logistics equipment for fresh food can from network to everyone's life.

Machinery becomes automatic and intelligent

Under the guidance of national intelligent manufacturing 2025, it has become a matter of course that food machinery and equipment from mechanical production to automatic production and intelligent production. Mechanical equipment liberated a part of the labor force, automation, intelligent is to liberate most of the labor force.

In the equipment automation, intelligent aspect, our country milk enterprise mostly does well. For example, yili realized automatic intelligent production from production line to quality inspection to packing through pasteurization equipment, 14 filling lines, ultrasonic sealing equipment, manipulator palletizing machine and other equipment, and only needed several workers to monitor the operation in real time in front of the computer. In addition to the automatic and intelligent production of milk production process, in order to eliminate the crisis of people's trust in the dairy industry, dairy enterprises have also built pastures and implemented automatic and intelligent management of pastures. Junlebao dairy group has built modern pastures all over the country. Automatic manure cleaning machine, milking machine and sewage treatment equipment not only solve the problem of milk source, but also make the pasture sustainable development. Modern animal husbandry, which combines pasture and dairy production well, USES automatic mechanical equipment to complete the whole process from milking to processing in 2 hours, while reducing the thermal damage to milk while retaining nutrients and bioactive substances.

Our country food machinery equipment automation, intelligent in the rapid development, but there are still many obstacles. First, the allocation of resources is not balanced across the country. The eastern coastal areas are economically developed, and the research and development force that can be invested is more sufficient, which makes the intelligent research of food machinery and equipment more in-depth. Most of the central and western regions have not realized mechanization, let alone automation and intelligence. 2 it is food machinery equipment in China started late, science and technology level is not enough, foreign food machinery equipment development history is longer, higher technical level and equipment of intelligent research more deeply, which makes the demand for foreign equipment large food enterprises in China, the outflow of funds more intensified food machine machinery equipment automation, intelligent road in our country. Happily, intelligent manufacturing has been valued by food machinery and equipment enterprises at present, and all parties are trying to overcome the difficulties in the intelligent process.

Of course, in food machinery equipment, the category of commercial kitchen utensils and appliances is somewhat special. Most of its products are aimed at ordinary households rather than enterprises. Enterprises need large-scale production, so automated and intelligent mechanical equipment can make the production process easier, while ordinary people pay more attention to the comfort and practicality of use. Of course, the author is very happy to see the intelligent dishwasher can automatically detect the degree of grease tableware, adjust the cleaning mode; The ovens come with hundreds of recipes and automatically remind you when to bake... But once intelligence becomes the gimmick of chicken ribs, if buy an intelligence kitchen report, want to pay attention to WeChat public number already, download mobile phone APP even, want to use still have a lot of button operation to need to learn, this kind of experience feeling that lets consumer exhaustion can make consumer is far from.

In addition to these two points let the author feel the most profound, with the deepening of environmental protection policy, food machinery and equipment began to develop in the direction of more energy conservation, such as washing machine with its own water cycle system to achieve water recycling; 80 percent of the original food drying equipment in south Beijing is coal-fired hot air stove, serious pollution and easy to cause fire, in order to change the active promotion of air source heat pump drying equipment...... In addition, after the operators of intelligent food machinery and equipment become talents with higher technology, the news of workers injured by food machinery and equipment will be gradually reduced, but the possibility of Internet harm such as hacker invasion will be increased, and food machinery and equipment enterprises still need to take preventive measures.